This is an article I translated from a Ukrainian one and modified to apply for a travel writing scholarship. It was the first time I did it and I believe not the last.  It’s been a while since I wrote a story in English and I must confess (even to myself) that it flows better in my mother tongue. But in the process of writing, I’ve learned a lot about storytelling and travel writing so I hope to get the scholarship next year and travel somewhere far to study travel writing under the guidance of a professional and to become much better in writing in English.
So, enjoy!

Parô, parô, parô!! Where are you going?! STOP NOW, agora! You’re not crossing the blockade!” – we’re stopped by a group of angry truckers soon after we finally leave Rio.

“I just need to see my friend who’s running out of supplies on the other end. I am not going to cross the blockade,” calmy says our driver Luis.

“I don’t give a fuck. Tell him to come here. Nobody’s passing,” they demand.

Somehow, he persuades this bunch of his good intentions. But there are another four kilometers of the blockade, and we are stopped every few hundred meters “Encosta aê!” Luis calmly repeats the same thing he said to the other men before, but this one wouldn’t listen – “Encosta aê, caralho!” – the man’s eyes start filling with blood, and a hand reaches for a gun. “Please, just stop somewhere,” I’m begging our driver in my mind.

The night before leaving Rio de Janeiro my husband Mika and I learn that truckers went on a strike over gasoline prices and blocked major roads throughout Brazil. This caused a massive disruption because the country relies on trucks to transport everything – from food to fuel, making it difficult to hitchhike. But Mika has to be back home in Brasilia, a thousand kilometers away to give a presentation about his travels in a week. We don’t have a choice except to trust the gods of hitchhiking and kindness of the few drivers left on the road.

After several local rides, we get out of Rio and eventually find a truck who isn’t on strike (yet). He’s going where we want to arrive today. Naive of him. Soon we’re stopped by a group of enraged truckers. But Luis convinces all of them to let him get to his friend. “How?!” – “I simply knew what I was doing, and that it was right.” Unbelievable! It’s like in those movies – a cool cop calmly facing down an angry or scared young man pointing a gun at the cop. “You just need to confiar em yourself.” Just trust yourself…

Luis and his friend share their food and “home” giving us some space in the cargo compartment where we set camp for the night.

IMG_8616However, there’s one issue – I’m the only female among a mob of angry truckers, and I’m afraid to go pee. But our driver being a protective host reassures us “We won’t let them hurt her,” pointing to his machete, “And I also have something more, in case this won’t be enough,” implying a gun.

Yes, just about every trucker carries a gun because they’re often robbed. That’s why they’re not allowed to give rides and have trackers indicating a passenger in the car. But those who want to help travelers find a way to trick the system, risking their jobs and even lives. Hitchhiking in Brazil is quite challenging – people don’t trust strangers. Nevertheless, sometimes after we nearly begged for the ride, the drivers were holding back tears when goodbying.

Along our way, we have encountered so many helpful and kind people – they trusted to let us in their homes, they cooked for us, both they and we shed tears when leaving. After all this kindness, we wanted to pay back to the world somehow.

And the opportunity presents itself the morning after we arrived home. A shabby-looking man with the skin revealing that he works a lot in the sun rings the doorbell asking for a bag and some food. He says he knows Mika’s grandmother who’s out for some time. We decide to do something Mika would never have thought of before this journey. We invite him to sit with us for breakfast and ask to get some bread with our money. Not only he comes back with the bread, but also gives back the change. He was very humble and almost didn’t speak, and we were shy to ask his story watching him being clumsy with the fork and knife. The man was very grateful for the breakfast and sandwiches we give him for lunch. And we feel like this is the smallest but not the last thing we could do to give back what we received from the world.

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UPD: unfortunately neither I nor Mika was even shortlisted. I can guess why I’m not shortlisted (in the application version of the text I had few typos and messed up the grammar a bit and I think my message wasn’t that strong) but I was really disappointed when I didn’t see Mika in the shortlist. I believe his story is much better than mine! Btw, check it out and as he said: “let the tears flow!” because it is indeed a truly touching story about meeting and goodbying called “Leaving Won’t Get Easier”.


5 thoughts on “Blocked

  1. Дуже класно, навіть читаючи переклад з англійської. Цього разу оповідання короче, але не меньш захоплююче. На мою думку це оповідання достойне стіпендії і я так вважаю не тому, що я твоя мама і вірю в тебе завжди…. а тому, що ти талановита і щіра людина, готова змінити світ на краще і допомогти всім слабким і нужденим (така, яким був твій тато). Просто йди вперед і не спиняйся!

    1. Дякую дуже мама! 🙂
      На жаль, у тому варіанті, що я подала на стипендію, знайшлося кілька помилок і моментів, які треба було змінити, тому навряд чи я пройду цього року.. Там був ліміт слів і певні вимоги до змісту, то прийшлося перекроїти історію (мені боляче було її різати, але вийшло щось інше і теж добре) і додати мораль. Мені тут дуже допоміг Міка, звісно, і кілька чужих людей з сайту для письменників. Але я вночі вже доробляла і подавала, тому не змогла все перевірити достатньо.
      Тим не менше, я рада, що хоча би для блоґу її відполірувала ?

  2. Ні я, ні Міка не пройшли 🙁 Нас навіть у списку кращих не було – там 3 переможці і ще приблизно 10 вибраних, які отримають книжку для письменників-мандрівників.
    Деталі у цьому пості після самої історії

  3. Great story! As a Brazilian person, this is really sad to see but Brazil have amazing and friendly people but unfortunately there are some places that are really dangerous and you need to be careful all the time!

    1. Thanks! The country is indeed amazing! And I really just couldn’t get it why my partner was all the time being super careful and turning around when withdrawing cash from an ATM.
      The people where super friendly and helpful. But at the same time we had difficulties hitch hiking because a lot of people where afraid to pick us up. Sometimes we literally begged to give us a ride. And neither of us has regretted the decision 🙂

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