I have watched all of these films and here I tell my impressions of the films.

“Home (Meeting the Planet)” 2009 by Luc Besson (13+)


This masterpiece is created by the famous Luc Besson. It is a kind of documentary movie beautifully narrated which can be divided into 3 parts.

In the 1st part, the narrator tells, and the video operator shows how beautiful our planet Earth is. They show that everything is interlinked – insects, animals, plants, rivers, and seas, even little ponds matter a lot. Our ecosystem is very fragile – if you take just one what seems insignificant part out, you can ruin it all.

The 2nd part actually shows how damped it is now. How we, the humans, are destroying this beauty thoughtlessly. I cried when watching this part. And my ten y.o. student was scared at this moment, she couldn’t watch it.

But the 3d part tells “everything’s not lost”, there still is hope. The trees are being planted, the desserts cultivated, schools, not only factories are being built.

All the three stories are illustrated with breathtaking macro and micro scenery and landscapes.

Though, once, to my great surprise, a girl about my age said it was boring (!!!). How?! Perhaps you need to be more into the topic of ecology or an artist to appreciate it…
My rate 7 of 7 Watch the full movie in HD on youtube


“Die Wolke” (The Cloud) 2006, Germany (13+)


Based on a fiction novel. This is a warning sign against Nuclear Power Plants. I can imagine it was inspired by the Chornobyl explosion. The movie tells a story of a schoolgirl Hanna trying to escape the toxic cloud with her little brother Uli to a safe place using just their bicycles.  They had to run through forests and highways with almost no water or food in rucksacks and afraid to drink the poisoned water around. Also, a major storyline is the love of Hanna and a boy she meets on her way. It makes the movie less tragic. But the hardships their love survives definitely made lots of people cry with tears of sympathy and happiness. I could hardly hold a tear myself.

And IMDB page I rate 6 of 7
A trailer in German (sorry, couldn’t find in English).


“Plastic bag” 2009, US by Jeremy Irons (10+)


This short mokumentary tells the journey of a plastic bag on its way home. It encounters many dangers and many of his kind never make it. But this fellow is strong and it reaches its destination. It gets to the ocean and joins his kind in the spinning garbage patch a.k.a North Pacific Trash Vortex.
Rate 5 of 7


“Idiocracy” 2006, US (16+)


At first looks like a typical American comedy without much sense and with plain humor. I even didn’t really want to watch it at first. But as the plot develops, you can see the serious problems they touch. And the plot is simple.

A guy private Joe Bauers, an average American citizen without participates in an experiment of creo freezing for about 25 years. So they freeze him, and as predicted, something goes wrong, wars come, he is forgotten, and he wakes up in five centuries from now. On top of a trash hill. He soon discovers that the country (still the US) is filled with trash. They have problems with potable water and good food. Also, people are really dumb there and love really dumb entertainment. The dumber a show is, the more popular it is. Joe was considered quite plain at his time, but now he is the most intelligent person alive. And of course, not everyone likes it.

The greatest problem of this time is the absence of good water. The crops die, people get sick. And no wonder – they’ve been using some blue liquid that looks a lot like toilet water but is said to be healthy and better than the normal water. For Joe, it is obvious, but for the corporation producing it, this is the truth they prefer not to reveal.

This movie could be a good starting point into other environmental movies for people who like American humor and light movies in general. Rate 5 of 7


In my next post on this topic, I’m going to tell about the animated movies that could be more suitable for children, in particular about my favorite Hayao Miyazaki, but not exclusively.

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