I miss the butterflies.
They went to sleep
It’s winter time.
Oh, the time flies.
It runs, it races!
Way too fast,
Way too far
Away from me
And from you as well
It’s taking us away,
It’s taking us apart
No drift is left
No time to look up

It’s not the time for us to part!
It’s not the time to let them sleep!
Wake up the butterflies!
The winter’s not here yet!
Wake them up! Shake them up!
It’s not the time for us to part!
Take me by he hand!
Hold me tighter!
Don’t let go off me!
Don’t let me go!
Don’t let the whirl take me away!

Wake up the butterflies.
It’s not the time for us to part.

to Mika MF – my husband, my source of inspiration & kicks. He’s also a traveller, a cycletourist. Check out his blog

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