Here i am – on the road again. This time only Eastern Europe. I started with Romania. Locals taught me to say”no money” to the drivers immediately cuz it’s common there that average people stop cars on the bus stops and pay some money if the want to get from town A to village B. But i also learned to say “no sex”. On the first day of my journey a car stops i say as usually “no money” – “But how you pay?” – “no money” – “but i like you”. “Ok, next car” i say to myself. Another time, on the way to my last city in Romania a taxi stops with a man in his 50’s driving it. I say “no money” – he invites me to get in. “No money” – still inviting me to get in. “No sex” – “oh, no sex?..” he sounds disappointed so i shut the door.

Man do i look like a prostitute??? I’m wearing bright and wide pants that my boyfriend says are ugly  (thou i really like them) and a plain T-shirt – clothes that hide shape of my body. So that you could undertsand it right away – i am a traveller who wants to meet people, not f*k with men of my dad’s age.

Things like that happen to me only in the Slavic world,  by the way. No German driver has ever asked me if i have a boyfriend, never asked my age, not talking about sex. I wonder why? Some people say that they’re afraid cuz laws there protect women much better than here.

Some men can easily start talking about sex after few minutes of the conversation even thou we’ve just met few minutes ago. Man! It’s embarrasing me! Why do you ask if i like sex? Why do you say that you like it a lot even thou you are 60 y.o.grandpa? Why do you say that i’m lepa devojčica (pretty girl in Serbian)? Why do I have to hear this phrase in all the Slavic languages + Romanian and broken English? (I guess i’d hear it in Hungarian if i could speak it at least a bit) After this I feel my face is too pretty for travelling, i feel that i’m too pretty. I feel disgusted and filthy  after all this, as if i was swimming in really filthy water, as if they have really touched me with their filthy hands. I feel an urge to pretend, to be a muslim, to cover my face.  I want to take a long shower to wash all the filth away. I want to burn my clothes. It seems like these men live on an island where there are no females at all, so they’re craving for a woman.

Last year when in November I came back after almost 3 months on the road I had exactly the same feeling. I thought i’d come home and would be watching movies andd reading books non-stop. But no! I started cleaning every single centimeter of my home, making a new order there, i’ve finally got rid of so many things that were cluttering my space! It took me about 2 weeks going out only to throw the things away or get some food. I felt relieved for a while when i managed to make my kitchen clean like my mom never did.

Some people say i’m brave, some say i’m crazy. I dunno. It’s just my passion for travelling is so  strong that this doesn’t stop me cuz anyways i meet lots of amazing people on my way.

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