Passion is like lighting a match – it can start the real fire which is Love. A match burns bright and quick but it just gives you a flame. The Fire can burn really long and it has lots of flames. Sometimes you need more than one match to make the fire. Sometimes to start the Fire you need fuel when you cannot find dry woods or you’re far from professional fire maker. In any case, for a match to make the Fire you have to prepare the woods. You have to put efforts to start the Fire and to keep it burning. You have to know the technique. First you start with paper and leaves, slowly you add dry twigs and pice by piece you move to logs that will keep the Fire burning for a long time. In theory it sounds really easy and logical, in practice it’s not that simple.

The same is with Love. We very often confuse Passion with Love. Passion is bright and beautiful, it’s hot to touch. But it doesn’t give you much warmth. Love, just like fire, can warm you for a really long time. It can even warm your home. But you have to watch it, protect it from a strong wind, especially in the beginning, while it’s not that big and strong. Later, the wind will help it burn. I think, you can compare it with the the stage when you learn each other better and you start arguing, often even fighting. If your fire is strong it will become even bigger when the wind is gone.

You have to work on your relationships, you have to craft your Love. You don’t build it like a bricks wall. You craft it like a master making the pieces.

Love is based on Faith. You have to give without asking back. You have to share. They say Love is the only thing in the world that makes you richer when you share it.

But first of all, you have to learn to Love yourself. Loving yourself is the very basis of any other kind of Love.

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