Remember me when I forget You.
Remember me when no one remembers.
Never forget all the dreams we dreamed.
Never forget all the good things we had.
Never forget the great moments we shared.
Remember our nights we had.
Remember all those starry nights and endless roads.
Never forget the music we used to dance to.
Remember all the jazz we had and all the blues.
Never forget soaking under the summer rains.
Never forget the colours of our rainbow.
Remember smiles of the Sun and flowers of the Moon.
Remember winter snows, pure light and snowflakes spinning in waltz.
Never forget the way to Earth.
Never forget the way Home.
Remember me when all the world is sleeping.
Remember me even if the sky is falling.
Remember me…
Forget me not.

2011 рік веснаthe-milkyway-wallpaper

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