1. When a Czech person asks “How are you?”, it’s kind of rude saying “I’m good”. The best you can say is “I’m ok”
  2. Serbia has gone thru 5 (!!!) wars in the last century. But instead of complaining about the unfair life and fate, they just joke. They love black humor. The blacker, the better
  3. I love you in Serbian is “ajvar ju”. Just joking. Ajvar is a national Serbian dish. I liked it so much that my friend created this joke
  4. Russia is a very beautiful country! In Belgrade there was a photo exhibition promoting Russian railways in particular Trans-Siberian railway which goes from Moskva to Vladivostok (the far East of Russia). In 8 days you cross eight time zones. The exhibition shows pictures of places the train crosses. Some of them are permafrost. (Now I want to hitch-hike this route. If you’d like to join me, just comment below)
  5. Hungarian language, actually, does not belong to any known group of languages. It has similar word structure to German (probably due to Austro-Hungarian empire) and the intonation and melody of Hungarian is similar to Finnish. But the grammar or roots of the words don’t have any relation to any European language
  6. In Hungary a girl when she gets married takes not only the family name of her husband but also his first name leaving behind her both family name and given name. For example, the maiden name of my host’s granny is Julia and her husband’s name and surname is Imre Petőfi, after the marriage her name is Imre Petőfiné – a woman of Imre Petőfi.
  7. A granny in Hungary is the same like in Germany or in Serbia and in Ukraine. A granny is everywhere a granny. They can wake up at 4 am to make cookies and traditional breakfast for her grand daughter and her guest. A granny always knows what is better. My relative granny and my neighbour granny, they also know better what’s good for me. Don’t even try arguing with them.

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