My sweet Drug

You're like a drug, Що проникає солодко у вену, Розливається теплом по тілу. You're like Spring

10 альтернатив до “я тебе люблю” / 10 alternative ways to “I love you”

"Я люблю тебе" Особа 2 "Я не можу зробити це. Я не готовий (а)" Особа 1 "Я люблю тебе" Особа 2 "я чекав(ла) на ці слова надто довго" Особа 1 "Я люблю тебе" Особа 2 "О Боже, я теж!" Особа 1 "давай одружимося" Особа 2 "Притримай коней. Я люблю тебе, але одруження це інакше"

On Love (Erotic)

Passion is like lighting a match - it can start the real fire which is Love. A match burns bright and quick but it just gives you a flame. The Fire can burn really long and it has lots of flames. Sometimes you need more than one match to make the fire. Sometimes to start the…

Give Peace a Chance

My previous post on this topic was accused of being naive. Hippies were also accused of that  as well as lots of other dreamers who eventually got what they believed in. So I continue writing on this topic because I truly believe that Peace cannot be won in the war. This is what my intuition  says…