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“A spoken word film for an online generation. ‘Look Up’ is a lesson taught to us through a love story, in a world where we continue to find ways to make it easier for us to connect with one another, but always results in us spending more time alone.”

They say it’s a film. But this is more an illustrated poem dedicated to the social networks generation. It’s about the life we miss staring at the screen. Though, I guess it’s 2 in 1 – a poem illustrating the film and a film illustrating the poem.

Just think about it – no words, no smilies can really show the emotions we feel. The person on the other side of the screen can only be guessing this but will not feel us and we won’t feel them. Just think of all the feelings you have when you talk live, all the variety of emotions you get. And compare it to online chatting. Yes, the least is easier. You can simply go offline when reading something you don’t like, you can pretend to be a very smart person who knows more than the Great Google does. You can even pretend to be a superman and make the person on the other side believe it. Or you might confess in love or make a marriage proposal. But will this all be true? Will this make us happier? Isn’t happiness what we all are looking for?

Live conversation is such a joy!!! All this blushing, gestures, trembling hands and uncertain voice, that exposes anxiety. Nothing can replace the feelings you get when a dear person touches you. Even this feeling of disgust when an unpleasant person touches you. What can be better than a sincere smile and laughter?? This is all that makes us alive! These are live emotions that make us different from other animals and robots.

We are hiding behind the walls of social networks afraid that when they fall down people will see what we really are – naked,  shivering with fear, defendless before other creatures who are frightened as well, creatures calling themselves humans, creatures with intelligence. When facing the naked soul of others, we hide, we are afraid.

What are we afraid of??? A naked human soul – what could be more beautiful??

We are afraid of the light our souls emit. We’re so used to the fake light of our displays that it hurts us looking at the real, Divine light. People are looking for God in churches… They are looking for Him on the Internet, asking Google if He exists… But if God does exist, then definetely not in these establishments. If God does exist, He is in us, in other people, in the trees, flowers, in the morning birds signing, in the hard wind permeating to the bones, in the rapid water of the mountain rivers that you can get drown in. You have to be able to see this Devine and not be afraid to look at the Light.

Enjoy the live communication, get out of the social networks! Have a good time of day, dear friends!

I don’t want you to stop using social media or smartphones. It’s about finding a balance. It’s about making sure you are awake, alive and living life in the moment; instead of living your life through a screen.”

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