Recently, two of Ukrainian soldiers on rehab in Germany were stabbed to death. This is terrible news, very disturbing. But what makes it even worse is that this is not the first attack on Ukrainians in Germany during russian full-scale war in Ukraine. It turns out that this case is the fourth crime against Ukrainians in Germany in the last six months.

In this video a Ukrainian journalist speaks well on the case (it has English subtitles)

In March, a young Ukrainian woman was murdered and her baby kidnapped by a russian woman and her German husband. It’s interesting, by the way, how the house of this couple is described as “idyllic”.

Before that, two teenage Ukrainian national team basketball players were stabbed to death.

“Tegel” the largest refugee camp in Germany was set on fire

But there were two earlier arsons:

A camp in Thuringia (Eastern Germany) was set on fire and a Ukrainian child died in 2023

Another shelter was also set on fire in 2022, and before that, a swastika was painted on the door. It’s very symbolic. Does it ring the bell? Of wwII, for example? Although, in general, setting fire to refugee camps is not a novelty in Germany. It’s almost a national tradition.

And the police stubbornly refuse to see the basis for national hatred here. In the first and third cases, they try to show it as a domestic quarrel that got a little out of hand – “they were drinking together.” This is what an unknown witness says about the last crime. And the arsons are always accidents. But it’s very difficult not to notice the national background here. Especially if you look at other, older crimes:

In September 2023, a child was thrown into a canal because he spoke Ukrainian. Fortunately, he was not badly physically injured.

In November 2023, a man with a Ukrainian Trident on his hat was beaten

In January 2023 three Ukrainian women were attacked by russian speakers in Berlin

Interesting statistics in general – between February 24, 2022 and March 2023, 3,250 crimes against Ukrainians were registered in Berlin. Among the attacks with bodily harm, the number of Ukrainian victims is 2.5 times higher than that of representatives of other national groups.

And apparently russians love being victims so much that they have to make up the assaults on them. A russian Z-influencer in Germany has spread fake news about Ukrainians killing a russian teenager in Germany.

The situation is amusing, though.

But sarcasm aside, I hope by now you’re beginning to understand why we want to get rid of everything russian, including the language and stop telling us that we’re being too emotional hating russians. I hope you’re beginning to get by now why I and even some Ukrainian officials and journalists don’t want to write “russian” with capital “R”.

Learning about those cases makes me disgusted with the country of my residence, with the system that tolerates this… And I am a part of the system… Of course, there are wonderful people here, I have made new friends, many people have helped me tremendously and continue helping me and other refugees. Life here is generally more comfortable than it was in Ukraine before. But the system is rotting…

Although, it turns out that Germany is not alone in the case of attacks on Ukrainian teenagers – Scotland too. I’ve just stumbled upon the articles when looking for the news about the German case. But I don’t quite understand what they mean by “racially aggravated attack”, nothing is said about the nationality or ethnicity or race of the suspects.

And Scholz is schozing about weapons for us… And I’m not even talking about buying russian fossil fuels through roundabouts. But this is already a different topic that I often talk about on my telegram channel called “Politicating”. But I’m slowly returning here and going to other social media, so sign up for the news letter to receive my updates.

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