Leipzig. Natur-mort
  • When walking around the night city with a lesbian girl from Italy and saw a gay couple. Two couples, in one evening. One of them was kissing for a selfie at the Branderburger Tor. (Berlin)
  • Met a poligamic family. They even have kids (Potsdam)
  • Saw a boy who looks like a girl and he’s totally ok with it (he’s from this poligamic family). Though he’s only 3 y.o. He says “I’m a child” when people ask if he’s a boy or a girl  (Potsdam)
  • Did dumpster diving. But didn’t find anything I wanted to take, only a container full of brotchen (little bread) (Berlin)
  • Asked for free food In beckerei and organic shops and got lots of goodies (Berlin and Leipzig)
  • Went to a non-commercial cafe. It was vegan. (Potsdam) The 2nd time was in a coffee shop (Leipzig)


  • Went to a communal dinner at a punks’ house. Young people who live there every week cook dinner and everyone is welcome to come and enjoy it for only 2€. This is btw a spread practice in Dresden and Leipzig 
  • Went for a walk with a dog  (Leipzig)
  • Saw an anti-nazi demonstration (Dresden)



  • Crossed a border without having any documents. Twice (Germany- Czech republic )
  • Went to a buddhist meditation guided In German. It was interesting but I didn’t manage to relax as i was concentrated on trying to understand what part ofmy body I had to relax next.. (Potsdam)
  • Tried another style of tai-chi – taiji-chuan. The class was in German, of course, and unlike taoist tai chi that I practice in raws and silence, this one was in a circle and with music.  (Berlin)
  • Made money abroad by selling my hand-made things. 9EU and 35zł


  • Went to a marriage ceremony in a church. It was very beautiful! (Poznań)



  • Spent half a night at a railway station abroad
  • Got a marriage proposal

To be continued…


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